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Introduction To Cyber Security


Cybersecurity Fundamentals

● Introduction to Cyber Security (What and Why)
● Difference between Information Security and Cyber Security
● Cyber Crime Statistics
● Factors Affecting Cybersecurity
● CIA Triad
● Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance
● Cybersecurity Roles
● Approaches to Cyber Security
● Key Terms – Cybersecurity
● IIiustration – Basics of Cybersecurity

Threat Actors, Attacks and Mitigation Threat Actors, and Categories

Ethereum Classic Security Policies and Procedures

Cybersecurity Mitigation Methods

Secure Architecture

Wireless networks

Network Security Controls

Cloud, Virtualization, BYOD, and IOT Security


Security Testing

Information Security Governance

Risk Management

Information Security Programs

Developing an Incident Management and Response System

Digital Forensics

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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