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C++ Programming Language

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C++ Overview

• C++ Characteristics
• Object-Oriented Terminology
• Polymorphism
• Object-Oriented Paradigm
• Abstract Data Types
• I/O Services
• Standard Template Library
• Standards Compliance

Functions and Variables

• Functions: Declaration and Definition
• Variables: Definition, Declaration, and Scope
• Variables: Dynamic Creation and Derived Data
• Arrays and Strings in C++
• Qualifiers

Classes in C++

• Defining Classes in C++
• Classes and Encapsulation
• Member Functions
• Instantiating and Using Classes
• Using Constructors
• Multiple Constructors and Initialization Lists
• Using Destructors to Destroy Instances
• Friendship

Operator Overloading

• Operator Overloading
• Working with Overloaded Operator Methods

Initialization and Assignment

• Initialization vs. Assignment
• The Copy Constructor
• Assigning Values
• Specialized Constructors and Methods
• Constant and Static Class Members

Storage Management

• Memory Allocation
• Dynamic Allocation: new and delete


• Overview of Inheritance
• Defining Base and Derived Classes
• Constructor and Destructor Calls


• Overview of Polymorphism

Input and Output in C++ Programs

• Standard Streams
• Manipulators
• Unformatted Input and Output
• File Input and Output


• Exceptions
• Inheritance and Exceptions
• Exception Hierarchies
• Inside an Exception Handler


• Template Overview
• Customizing a Templated Method
• Standard Template Library Containers

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